Boys Night Out Melbourne

Boys Nights Out of Melbourne are usually heaps of fun as the boys go hit up the crazy activities that are available in Melbourne. In many ways the Boys Night Out is like a Buck's Night without a victim (the groom) and therefore no future bride to answer to so even more fun!

So load up the booze and get our mad Glamour Ride Chrysler 300c Limousine to pick you up and transport the boys to the next crazy destination in Melbourne. Our Chrysler Limo is packed full of features that the boys will appreciate our loud sound system that is complemented by neon lights, star lights, laser lights, strobes as well as a bar, floor and ceiling that flashes through sequences of colour. For those with their own personal taste in music you can plug in your iPod or iPhone into our stereo.

We stock the limousine bar with a bottle of wine and water, and some lollies and mints. You can load your own booze into the bar on entry.

With the limo picked the next thing to do is contact our Director of Entertainment on 0403 36 36 37 to book the limo before some other crazy folks do. Once booked its time to decide which venue in Melbourne is up for the mad behaviour of the boys. Here are some suggestions on where you may want to go:

· Hit up the nightclubs in Melbourne especially the ones where the chicks hang out

· Let us take you to one of those raunchy boat cruises down the Yarra

· Go to a comedy nightclub and laugh yourself stupid

· One of Melbournes many Mens venues like the Mens Gallery, Spearmint Rhino or Goldfingers (usually the first thing planned by the boys)

· Go to one of the fine restaurants Melbourne has to offer

· For day time entertainment the boys might want to go on a wine tour down the Yarra Valley. There are plenty of beer drinking places to go to as well

· Plan a pub crawl around some of the niche pubs to be found in every corner of Melbourne

· Or maybe just cruise around the city in Melbourne and enjoy the comforts of our awesome limousine

Important Rules for the Boys:

1. What happens in the Limo stays in the Limo

2. Refer Rule 1 at all times

What Our Clients Say

Glamour Ride Limousines have been operating since 2007 offering luxury transport around metropolitan and regional areas of Melbourne.

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