Debutantes Ball Melbourne

In the last years of school a Debutantes Ball is a massive event which is complemented by the arrival of the Debutantes and their partners in a classy limousine. Originally the Debutante Ball was for introducing a young woman who has reached maturity to society and to put her on display to eligible bachelors as being available to marry. The Debutantes often received recommendations from elite members of society as to her worthiness for marriage. These days Schools often use Debutante Balls as a fund raising mechanism for their school or raising money for other more charitable causes.

Lots of preparation goes into the making of a Debutante Ball by the school and also by the Debutantes in selecting their partner for the event. Deb partners are often chosen from outside the school. The choice of a beautiful gown is paramount (and ensuring no two are the same is even more important) as is having the hair styled and makeup done to highlight beauty, elegance and class.