Hens Night Melbourne

If you are planning the best Hens Night out in Melbourne to celebrate the brides last days of freedom then you should consider our Hens Night Limousine Hire. Our Limo will pick up the girls at the start or at the end of your night and take your group for a tour or to your hens night venue, boat cruise, pole dancing lessons or other activity.

Our Chrysler Stretch Limousine is one of the best Limousines currently in Melbourne and is fitted with large 20" rims, a Bentley grille, "Lamborghini-style" front doors and has a loud stereo and light system built and seats 10 passengers in the rear and one up front.

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History of the Hens Night

The Hens Night came from the term Bachelorette Party which appears to be a ripoff from the Mens Bachelor Party or otherwise know as Stag Party. Despite celebrations for the bride to be's dating back centuries, the Hens Party or Hens Do become popular during the mid 80's and was purely aimed at equality for women. Gone were the days when the men could go out and watch strippers, get drunk, and do stupid stuff whilst the bride waited home nervously hoping her future husband would be fit enough to arrive at the church. Careful planning put at least a weeks gap between the night out and the ceremony.

Organisation of the Hens Night

Allowing who will organise your Hens Night will go along way to protecting your security on the night.

Some good Hens Night pointers:

Allowing your mum to organise your Hens Do will probably be the safest but boring option. A Sunday afternoon tea will probably be it. Boring but safe!

Allowing your Matron of Honour to organise the Hens Do will ensure boundaries are crossed with a plethora of activites just for Hens Nights. These include strip clubs, nude live painting clubs, an ambulance trip after endless alcohol consumption at a night club, belly dancing lessons, burlesque shows, etc. Remember to get your friends to sign a confidentially contact or your indescrection will be live on Facebook seconds after occuring.

The safest option is to organise the Hens Party yourself and book low risk activities where you can't get in trouble. Invite your Mother In Law along as your friends won't embarrass you then!


What Our Clients Say

Glamour Ride Limousines have been operating since 2007 offering luxury transport around metropolitan and regional areas of Melbourne.

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