Valentines Day Melbourne

February 14th every year is Valentines Day which is the day you get to prove your love to your partner. Historically Saint Valentines day began as a celebration of Christian Saints named Valentinus. One of the many stories claimed Saint Valentine of Rome was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were not allowed to get married. According to the stories St Valentine was ministering Christians who were at that time being persecuted under the Roman Empire. During St Valentines term of imprisonment, he allegedly healed his Jailers daughter. Before his final execution Saint Valentine wrote a farewell letter signed “Your Valentine”. Now, many churches celebrate Saint Valentines day as an official feast day. Feb 14th St Valentines day was eventually associated with couples expressing their love for each other by exchanging confectionary, flowers or greeting card. These days the marketeers make sure we don’t forget Valentines Day so a lot of pressure is the bear on those of us who lack planning skills or romance.

So for those wanting Valentines Day to be a winner then please book a Glamour Ride Limousine to surprise your partner or future partner. Our black Chrysler 300c limousine is a beautiful vehicle that is 8.6 metres long and has Lambo front doors and chrome rims. Neon under body lights make the limo glow at night time.

Once inside you’ll discover the developments in the modern limousine. Our limo features an array of lighting that includes laser, neon, strobe, fairy and floor, ceiling and bar colourful lights. The sound system is loud but I suspect you’ll be smoozing with some soft romantic love songs whilst you whisper sweet nothings in each others ears.

Our bar is stocked with a bottle of wine and water, and some lollies and mints.

Here are some good romantic activities you can do on your Valentines Day:

· A small, cosy, quiet restaurant with an open fire place and a sea food menu would be romantic.

· Book in for a massage together.

· Go and see a nice romantic love story at the movies.

· Have a lovely picnic at the beach on a nice warm day.

· Just cruise around in our limousine and enjoy the seclusion.

Please call us on 0403 36 36 37 and we will help you plan your romantic Valentines Day. It’s a great time to propose marriage and will make Valentines Day even more special in the years to follow!

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